Hula "FIT" Hoop
Hula "FIT" Hoop
Hula "FIT" Hoop

Hula "FIT" Hoop

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The special Hula "FIT" Hoop from Trend Gallery is considered to be an innovative fitness device with which you can lose weight in a sporty-dynamic way and train problem zones in a targeted manner.

Hooping can even alleviate lifestyle-related back pain caused by lack of exercise or underdeveloped muscles in the abdomen and back.

The Hula "FIT" Hoop affects the body in many POSITIVE ways.

Such a hoop increases endurance and calorie consumption, strengthens abdominal, butt, back and arm muscles as well as the pelvic floor in the long term.

It improves coordination and balance and even has a stimulating effect on the organism. IT PROVIDES JOY OF LIFE AND WELL-BEING! 

The Hula Hoop size is an important factor in the success of your workout. To determine the optimal size, place the hoop in front of you on the floor. It should now reach optimally to approximately belly button or hip.

For beginners we recommend a diameter of about 35 inches. As a rule of thumb, the larger and heavier the hoop, the easier the workout. This is because a larger diameter leads to a slower rotating movement. So it's important for people who have yet to internalize the movements.

Large hula hoops with more weight are especially suitable for hooping beginners.

You can make the weight of the Hula "FIT" Hoop quite variable by filling the hollow interior of the ring as heavy as you like.


How does it benefit me?

  • Diameter approx. 35 inch (6-piece)
  • Weight 2 Ib - 8 Ib (depending on own filling)
  • Soft, skin-friendly material that will not harm your skin
  • Each part of the hula hoops is made of soft and skin-friendly EVA foam material wrapping a high-quality stainless steel core
  • The hula hoop consists of 6 detachable parts that save space and make it easy to store or transport
  • Therefore, you can use the hoop anywhere and very quickly
  • The hoop is very stable and does not deform
  • It can be filled with gravel, rice, sand etc.




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